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laminated glass door - tempered glass window - curved glass -mirrors -


In 1969, under the leadership of İbrahim İNKAYA under the name of IŞIK glass company, it started the glass sector in the covered bazaar coppersmiths and changed its name to become a corporate company in 1997 and has been serving our valued customers for 42 years as İNKAYA Glass Industry and Trade Limited Company. Our company continues its activities with 2 warehouses and 4 branches by following the advancing technology and developing its vision in the glass trade, which started as wholesale glass and mirror sales.

Our goal is to carry the Inkaya brand forward from where it is today, with priority of customer satisfaction, accurate detection, timely delivery, quality products, and affordable prices. Always keeping quality in mind in its management and operations, inkaya cam has taken its place as one of the locomotives of the sector by closely following the developments in the glass industry.

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